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Alt 19-06-2018, 13:44
hennep hennep ist offline
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Standard LTspice IV does not longer update, and disappeared

I do not use LTspice at a regular basis. More like once in 6 weeks.
The last couple of times, when I started LTspice, the update failed. Investigating the matter learned that the linear site had disappeared and is redirected to
Analog only supports the newer version of LTspice which I do not want to use. I don't like the panning of the screen. Being nearly 60 years of age I do not want to adapt and keep using version IV.
Now my question. Did anyone else find a way to update version 4 without losing al manually added components and being able to update it automatically?
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Alt 19-06-2018, 17:07
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Standard AW: LTspice IV does not longer update, and disappeared

Hi hennep
This is difficult.
But the difference between XVII and IV is not great.
The changed own libraries can be copied after the installation of XVII.
I think, a offline update is not possible
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