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Standard New Monolithic JFETs - Linear Systems

A new EDN article about the mysterious company "Linear Systems" (not to be confused with Linear Technology).

The headline is: "Monolitic JFETs are alive and well"

They point to their brandnew produced JFET-Line - and of course they want to promote. But: Their JFETs are good. In the beginning they only cloned Japanese Hi-Quality JFETs but by now they seem to develop own types. This is quite atypical, because all other companies are turning down JFET production/developement (so it seems).

I am very interested and excited about this company, because as they are, i am convinced, that JFETs are the best Transistors with the most potential for audio (everywhere BJTs are inconvenient and everywhere MOSFets perform too bad - quite some places actually)

Read the full article here:

Fachgebiete: Linear/Analog, Audio, Filter, Modelling

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